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Re: cygpath : minor inconsistency in output

>> D: is not the same as D:/.
>> The former is the current default directory on the D: drive.
>> The latter is the root directory on the D: drive.

Thanks for responding so quickly. It sounds as a though you have a highly
developed grip on the semantics here. Are you saying that under the
circumstances described the respective output from cygpath -m / (i.e.
"c:/Cygwin" no trailing slash in the one case and "d:/" trailing slash in
the other) are precisely correct?

If so, that's fine, and thank you for thinking about it and letting me know.
I'll shut up after hearing what you say.

(But it still seems not quite right to me: maybe I'm misunderstanding the
question that cygpath actually poses, which is why these different responses
to it seem, to me, to be inconsistent. Hence my earlier suggestion that
"c:/Cygwin/" and "d:/" would be consistent with one another and seem to me
to be responses to the identical class of question. As things stand, it's
giving me grief.)


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