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Re: New FAQ entry?

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:
In light of the two questions on this subject in as many (or less) days, I
thought I'd search the FAQ for the answer to "Why doesn't this (very
common) command work?" and didn't find it there, so I thought I'd offer a

It's basically the same text I wrote in, but slightlt generalized..

Why doesn't this (very common) command work?
(or: Why doesn't patch work?")

While the Cygwin Net distribution contains many packages, not all of them
are installed by default. Many programs, including some very common ones
(like "patch", "ls", "tar", "gzip", etc.), have to be installed before
they can be used.

You can use the search engine at to look which
package you need for the "patch" utility, and then use to install the appropriate package.

I certainly have no problem with this entry but I think I should point out that it serves a similar purpose to:

What packages should I download?

Perhaps these two should be merged.  Also, it may make sense to mention
the directory/file name collisions as a corner case that can cause problems
even if the utility in question is installed.

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