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Re: 1.3.22-1 cannot find certain commands

  >>> "Larry" == Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc ) <> writes:

Larry> Jorgo Miridis wrote:
>> I used the latest installer 2.340.2.5 and installed cygwin.
>> When executing 'ls' in bash I get: ?bash: ls: command not found?
>> Also 'df' doesn?t work.
>> I tried other commands: find, type, grep, etc. They DO work.
>> I searched for the excutables ?ls? and ?ls.exe? but they do not exist in
>> the cygwin tree.
>> Is ls a shell builtin?

Larry> No.  You can find what package it (and any other utility) is in at
Larry> <>.

>> Can anybody help me find out what's wrong?

Larry> If the above doesn't provide the pointer you need to solve
Larry> your problem, please visit <>
Larry> for information on providing this list with a problem report.
Larry> This report will help someone here can understand your
Larry> installation.

I have experienced that type of problem too: I could not execute
find, even though it was in the path.  After my recent upgrade, I had
troubles to execute 'lib' but lib.exe was working: I tracked it to
the existence of a directory named lib in one of the path's.

My offfice mate also has problems calling certain programs, e.g. head
even though it is present in that the path. The problem is a bit
different but has the same level of annoyance: in the case of
head. The 'head' of perl is called even though perl is later in the
path. Calling head.exe works.

Is anyone trying to address this type of issues. 


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