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Re: Wacked windows, re-installed, want cygwin back !

On Wed, 14 May 2003, e-bone wrote:

> hi,
> i ghosted a window's install that had gone crappy with and older image,
> one that was evidently "pre" cygwin.
> so now i have my whole cygwin install on another partition just sitting
> there.
> since im not an expert at all the settings cygwin keeps in the registry,
> i was wondering what the best way to "re-install" cygwin is ?
> i know the mount table was in the registry, i can remount everything if
> i need to ...
> and i can make a shortcut too i suppose ... and change my path ....
> is there anything else to it i need to do ?
> should i just run the install program again and not really install
> anything ?
> cheers,
> e

Either of the two approaches above (remounting or running setup.exe and
installing nothing) should work.  I'm guessing, since you didn't reinstall
Windows but restored from a backup, your user SIDs should be the same, so
your /etc/passwd and /etc/group are up to date...  AFAIK, you don't really
need to do much else, unless you had services you want to restore (in
which case you'll have to install them as services again, using the
instructions in the appropriate READMEs).
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