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Re: case sensitivity and filenames

Randall R Schulz wrote:
At 15:19 2003-05-14, Frank wrote:

I found a thread about coolview, do you think this would resolve the problem...

I think you should live within the limits of the system you're using. Bucking this is likely only to cause you grief, since it's pretty deeply ingrained.

Others will have different opinions.

I don't know what CoolView is, at least not in a context that refers to how alphabetic case for file names is handled.

Coolview is a patched version of an ancient Cygwin DLL (circa B18)
that Sergey Okhapkin kept for a while.  It had some limited capabilities
for creating and using file names in a case-sensitive manner.  It's old
enough to be irrelevant to all but the staunchest of diehards.  Those
interested in the tradeoffsof  case-sensitive tools may find it interesting
to review the email archives on this subject.  But Randall is quite right.
You won't get anything here without some pain and suffering.

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