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Re: cygwin + samba pdc = ssh problem

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:


	We've been using cygwin on w2k clients connected to a samba pdc for
quite a some time. Unix home was automounted in user's p: and cygwin
user home was defined as /cygdrive/p. This worked well for about a year.
Lately however cygwin insists on masking all file permissions and
present them all in 644 mode. This in turn breaks openssh key usage
since it sees key file as having too open permissions and dead refuses
to use them (the files real permissions are 600 on the linux server).

	Is it possible to restore the old behaviour and/or change the cygwin
file mask to 600 ? We use ssh to access cvs servers and having to type
ssh password (and answer ssh warnings) every commit it killing cygwin
usage here.

	Older cygwin installs with the same os version and in the same samba
domain work fine, so this is really a pure cygwin problem.


You'll need to set CYGWIN=smbntsec (plus whatever else you might be using) and "nt acl support = yes" in smb.conf for the affected shares.
Samba uses the "Take Ownership" nt property as a placeholder for no permissions, 0, when mapping unix permissions to ntacl's. That gets interpreted by Cygwin as readable when CYGWIN=nosmbntsec the default behavior in 1.3.21 (what I have) contrary to what is documented.


Doug VanLeuven

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