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Re: Re: docbook xml toolchain

Hi Joshua,

what did those packages contain? I tried looking at them here: with my browser but was
denied permission to do so. I guess, we're talking about more than
stylesheets and dtds. What stylesheet engine and processor do you use for html and pdf generation? Since your docs are sgml, it can't be xsltproc. Is it Jade/OpenJade and JadeTex (I read something about tetex in your cygwin-doc-X.X-X.README)?

I'm not familiar with sgml, so I stayed out of the various cygwin doc threads. Since it would be nice to be able to build the cygwin docs with tools available via the cygwin packages, have you ever considered converting the sgml sources to xml? I don't know about the complexity of this task though, but perhaps that's easier than maintaining the orphaned docbook sgml package. And you get the various output formats, eg one big html file vs chunked html files, merely by using different stylesheets. Even stylesheets for website, slide and manpage generation are available for docbook xml. Popular opinion nowadays recommends using docbook xml if you start from scratch (which cygwin doesn't).

Let me know, what you think.

Cheers, Patrick


Thanks for the interesting DocBook information, this might help me with
the User's Guide as well.

For future reference, I kept copies of the old proposed DocBook packages (which were apparently abandoned by their prospective maintainer) and use
them to build the cygwin documentation from CVS. The details are in /usr/doc/Cygwin/cygwin-doc-X.X-X.README, and they work for my purposes
even though they are quite dated by now.

If anyone who is familiar with DocBook would be willing to contribute
and maintain newer packages, that would be great. Just follow the
guidelines at <> and subscribe to the cygwin-apps
mailing list.

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