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Re: DLL creating problem

ELF is a Linux format - that won't work in any case.
(remember: Cygwin is a DLL that allows Windows programs to use POSIX 
functions, but they're still Windows programs)

You'll also have to use the -mno-cygwin switch to disable the use of the 
Cygwin DLL as a runtime library, and make sure your calling conventions in 
asm match those in the CRT you use (if using -mno-cygwin, the CRT would be 

Now, without having tested this, that should boil down to:
$ nasm -f win32 -o file_asm.o file_asm.asm
$ gcc -c file_c.c -o file_c.o
$ gcc -mno-cygwin -shared -o file_dll.dll 
      -Wl,--whole-archive file_asm.o file_c.o 

I've tried this with the code you provided but the asm doesn't compile - 
fixing that is up to you. I tried some other assembler code and got a 
valid Win32 DLL that didn't depend on Cygwin



On Tue, 13 May 2003, RomikB wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have a problem when trying to create a DLL.
> For Ex:
> i have two source files: file_asm.asm , file_c.c
> ------file_asm.asm-------
> global _function_asm
> extern _printf
> section .text
> _function_asm:
>   push dword str
>   call _printf
>   add esp,0x04
>   mov ecx,0x1000
>   mov edi,bss_data
>   rep stosd
>   ret
> section .data
>   str db "String2print",0
> section .bss
>   bss_data resd 0x1000
> ------file_c.c------
> void function_c(void){
> }
> --------------------
> I need to create a DLL(no-cygwin)
> compile:
>   nasm -f format -o file_asm.o   {format = elf | win32 | coff }
>   gcc -c file_c.c -o file_c.o
> link:
>   i use:
>      gcc -shared ...
>      ld -shared ...
>      gcc -mdll ...
>      ld -dll ...
>      dllwrap ...
>   but i can't create a true dll
>   some switches creates not a dll.
>   other creates a "wrong" dll. It has a section size problem and not
>   working under the windowsXP or 2k. ( format == elf )
>   or create a "incorrect" dll. It have a
>      mov edi,bss_data+something   instead of   mov edi,bss_data
>   (format == win32 or coff)
>   please, give me a hint. How can i create a DLL.

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