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Re: Nuisance problem with XP file permissions

on Wed, May 07, 2003 at 12:48:27AM -0700, Mike ( wrote:
> I?ve been testing some new stuff where I?ve got apps/scripts creating new
> files and directories and I?ve hit a snag with Windows XP and file
> permissions. Its probably an easy answer but I?m at a loss with my
> experience level with cygwin.
> ?
> First off, in running Windows XP, I am forced to log in as a user (who has
> Administrator rights) and cannot login as user ?Administrator? as I would on
> a Win2k box. So, when I installed cygwin, the entire distribution seems to
> be owned by me and seemed to have a file permission mask of 0007 ? that is,
> all files have --- for ?other? permission bits r-xr-x--- or rw-rw----. This
> didn?t initially cause any problems until I started working on a new project
> ? specifically, playing around with the new RPM package testing going on in
> cygwin-apps. Nevertheless, the first question is ? should the permissions be
> something different or is this ?normal?? I did a rather drastic step to
> avoid annoying permissions problems and recursively gave world permissions
> to the entire distribution ? yeah, I cringed too, but its not a public or
> even private server, just a convenience tool box.
> ?
> So far, no big deal? until I start working with tar files that already have
> permissions set that would prevent the non-root user from modifying them.
> Specifically, a configure file that untar?d with r?r?r? permissions.
> Somewhere in the install process of this tar package something (a higher
> level configure or Makefile) calls autoconf/automake/autotool (one of these
> ? not important which) to rebuild the configure file. However, with these
> permissions and my aforementioned user permissions, I continually get a
> ?cannot create configure: permission denied?.
> ?
> This too isn?t a big deal, I can chmod the file and re-run that specific
> configure/makefile and everything is fine. But it strikes me that this
> shouldn?t be. If I, the user logged in, have permission to modify a file,
> chmod it, chown it, delete it, whatever, why shouldn?t the scripts I run be
> able to do the same?

XP Pro or XP Home?

Do you have "simple file sharing" selected under Windows Explorer?  If
so, *deselect* it.  This borks up file permissions with both Windows
*and* Cygwin, IIRC.


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