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Re: How to install from CD-ROM on non-network system?

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Norton, Tim wrote:

> I'm trying to create a CD-ROM of the install files for my students (most
> don't have high-speed Internet access or no access at all). I copied almost
> all the install file (as discussed in the posting "How to make setup.exe
> download everything?" from Dec 2002) to my system with a CD burner. However,
> when I install on another system from that CD, the resulting CygWin system
> doesn't have all the utilities. Things like "ls" and "more" cannot be found
> and I get Windows dialog box errors when it cannot fine dll's (like
> cygncurses6.dll).
> I tested the CD on a system that has Internet access with the above results.
> When this happened, I tried to force a download and reinstall of the missing
> packages but that didn't fix it. I then removed cygwin (as per that FAQ) and
> reinstalled using the Internet install. Everything worked fine. I suspect
> that the CD's I'm building are somehow increments to the environment where I
> download but I can't figure out how to get a "clean" download without
> deleting everything off my system (which I don't really want to do).
> Does anyone have the steps to create a CD and then use that to install 0n
> other (non-networked) systems?
> Thanks,


There have been discussions on and off on this list about how to create a
Cygwin installation CD.  You should be able to find the relevant threads
by searching the archives for "cd-rom setup".

As for making sure setup downloads everything without reinstalling, try
selecting a different local package directory, start a "download from
internet" session, and mark all installed packages "reinstall" (in
addition to marking everything else "install").  The new package directory
should contain the tarballs for all the packages you've selected.  Don't
forget the sources, to comply with the GPL if nothing else.

You may also want to look into rsync'ing the package tree, or using
Michael Chase's clean-setup script to build a list of tarballs that you
can download with wget.  Either of the three methods above should work
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