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Re: Does cygstart always expand arguments?

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:

> I was trying to get cygpath and cygstart to launch
> a non-cygwin-compiled program (gvim) and running
> into difficulties with files that have spaces in
> them.  e.g.:
>    echo hello > "file with spaces.txt"
>    cygstart gvim "file with spaces.txt"
> causes gvim to see three files, "file",
> "with", and "spaces.txt".
> Is this a basic Windows limitation or is there
> some hack to get around this?  cygstart appears to
> be the dead end.
> Thanks - Jim


I think you're confused about what cygstart does.  Cygstart is for
situations when, given a data file, you want to run the associated
application, like double-clicking it in explorer.  While you can use it to
launch .exe's (by definition), it's probably not what you want in this
case.  Try invoking gvim without cygstart, i.e., simply

$ gvim "file with spaces.txt"

Hope this helps,
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