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How to install from CD-ROM on non-network system?

I'm trying to create a CD-ROM of the install files for my students (most
don't have high-speed Internet access or no access at all). I copied almost
all the install file (as discussed in the posting "How to make setup.exe
download everything?" from Dec 2002) to my system with a CD burner. However,
when I install on another system from that CD, the resulting CygWin system
doesn't have all the utilities. Things like "ls" and "more" cannot be found
and I get Windows dialog box errors when it cannot fine dll's (like

I tested the CD on a system that has Internet access with the above results.
When this happened, I tried to force a download and reinstall of the missing
packages but that didn't fix it. I then removed cygwin (as per that FAQ) and
reinstalled using the Internet install. Everything worked fine. I suspect
that the CD's I'm building are somehow increments to the environment where I
download but I can't figure out how to get a "clean" download without
deleting everything off my system (which I don't really want to do).

Does anyone have the steps to create a CD and then use that to install 0n
other (non-networked) systems?


Dr. Tim R. Norton
Professor, CIS/NSA
DeVry University
225 S. Union Blvd. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80910 
Phone: (719)-632-5566 x8130

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