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RE: nfs server

> When I try to start nfsd from the command prompt, I get:
> $ net start nfsd
> System error 1068 has occurred.
> The dependency service or group failed to start.
> And I've started portmap from the Cygwin shell prompt and see 
> it running there as a process, just not running in the Win2k
> Services listing.

Very odd.  Portmap is about as simple as you can get.

Do you have Cygwin installed for just yourself, or for all
users?  Running portmap as a service executes it under the
LocalSystem account, not your user account.
> I see all three CYGWIN services (mountd, nfsd, and portmap) 
> in the Services
> listing, so they appear to have been installed correctly, I just
> can't get any of them to start via Services.
> Something I just noticed is that if I check the properties of 
> the CYGWIN
> portmap service, under the General tab, the "path to executable" is
> d:\cygwin\bin\cygrunsrv.exe

The reference to cygrunsrv.exe should be correct.  If you open
the portmap service from the Services display in MMC, does it
show "-F" as the start parameter (edit field towards the bottom
of the dialog box?)


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