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RE: nfs server

> But, I don't see it running under Win2k services.  Do I need to start
> mountd and/or nfsd through the Services?

Did you run the /bin/nfs-server-config script?  This should
install portmap, mountd, and nfsd as services for you, and
create a sample /etc/exports file if you don't already have

Once those services are installed, you should be able to
see them in the Services view.  You can start them from that
view; or, from a command line, you should be able to type

# net start nfsd

...and see portmap, mountd, and nfsd start (in that order.)

> So, if /etc/exports has /pub  (ro,all_squash), is there a 
> command I can run to see if it's ready to be mounted remotely?

Try "showmount --exports <ip_address>".  On my RedHat install,
at least, showmount is installed in /usr/sbin.

> BTW, /pub is just a directory, not a filesystem, so it's 
> hanging off of /.
> Does it have to be an FS?

No - directory is fine.


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