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expect and cyrillic strings (Was Re: no cyrillic fonts in windows2000)

On Tue, 13 May 2003, kuzma725 wrote:

> Igor, I have another question for you.  Maybe this should be addressed to
> another list, but I figured you might know the answer.. hope this is not too
> off-topic.  I have an TCL script that I run using Expect from Cygwin.  It
> used to work fine, but one day something happened that messed it up, and I
> can't figure out what it is.  Here's an 3-line version of the script,
> demonstrating the problem, that you will understand even if you don't know
> TCL or Expect:
> #!/bin/tclsh
> set author [lindex $argv 0]
> puts #$author#
> All this does is print to the standard output the first parameter to the
> script from the command line.  When I run the script (testCyr.tcl) with a
> cyrillic parameter:
> expect testCyr.tcl ????????
> I am expecting this output:
> #????????#
> but instead get:
> #???????
> and no error messages.  But some cyrillic strings, such as "???????" work
> fine, as well as any latin string.  Any ideas?  I am positive that it worked
> before!
> Thanks,
> Yury
> [snip]


It's usually a good idea to start a new thread when changing the topic,
instead of replying to an unrelated message.

As you have probably guessed, I'm not a tcl expert, but I happened to have
tclsh installed (but not expect).  The above script works for me (with the
string "Proverka" in Win-1251 encoding).  FYI, the strings you used did
not come through (all we see here are '?'s).

As far as I know, tcl questions should be addressed to the insight mailing
list (<insight at sources dot redhat dot com>).  That's where most tcl
experts are, anyway.
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