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Re: Cygwin Net - Compilation

Thanx, Igor. Shall work on getting the new toolset, with
configure options changed.
Unfortunately, umsgcc does'nt read from a "specs" file
like gcc, but uses "built-in specs".

BTW, the new syntax for drives is just /c or /cygdrive/c ?

Thanx again,
best regards,

---- Original message ----
>Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 16:30:27 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Igor Pechtchanski <>  
>Subject: Re: Cygwin Net - Compilation  
>On Mon, 12 May 2003, DEEPA SIVASANKARANE wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>>   I'm using a certain arch. specific gcc (umsgcc) for
>> compilation, whose specs are as below. It looks like
>> "umsgcc" was compiled in a Redhat Cygwin environment ?
>> This is the one available to me and when I try to
>> use it on Cygwin Net release, there were some "file
>> not found" errors,  tho the files were there and I had
>> used "-I" option to include the directory.
>>  Could anybody pls. help or suggest something ?
>> Thanx in advance,
>> best regards,
>> Deepa
>> -----------------------------------------------------------
>> Using builtin specs.
>> Configured with: //d/sanjiv/proj/tools/redhat/configure --
>> host=i686-pc-cygwin --target=cra8500-elf --
>> prefix=//f/redhat/cradle --exec-prefix=//f/redhat/cradle/H-
>> i686-pc-cygwin
>> UMSGCC version 3.2.042 (with gcc version 2.97-cradle-
>The configure options above use the old syntax for different 
drives.  The
>newer Cygwin DLLs (starting from 1.3.1, I think) interpret 
the above as,
>for example, the share "redhat" on server "f" (which you 
most likely don't
>have, thus the errors).  It probably takes quite a bit of 
time, too.
>I'm not sure what you mean by "this is the only one 
available" -- Cygwin
>has a "gcc" package...  Unless you mean "available for that 
>One way to fix this is to recompile the toolchain by 
providing the correct
>options to configure.  Another is to provide your own specs 
file (which is
>not mentioned above, BTW, use -dumpspecs for that).  See the 
gcc info page
>for the format of the specs file.
>	Igor
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