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Re: redistribution cygwin1.dll

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Jim Drash wrote:

> No I am not thinking trademark. Copyright law is based upon contract law.
> So there is legal "detriment" on both sides.  Failure to enforce
> provisions of a contact can make that contract voidible <sp?>.
> I am very tied of this debate.  The simple thing is to follow the details
> of the GPL (or whatever licenses applies) regardless of how "silly"
> anyone thinks it is.
> It is just so trivial for developers to comply and debates as to why one
> should not have to comply merely waste everyone's time and seem to make
> cgf more mean <rofl>
> Jim Drash

Ok, that does it!  I finally figured out the *real* purpose of all these
GPL discussions.  See <>.  So there! ;-)
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