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Re: no cyrillic fonts in windows 2000

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Kuz'ma 725 wrote:

> I have 2 installations of Win2K, and I was able to somehow get cygwin to
> display cyrillic input from the keyboard (although it still shows cyrillic
> filenames as ?s)... but I forgot how I did it!  I have the latest
> XFree86-fcyr package (4.2.0-2) installed in both places and the same
> settings in Windows' Regional Options - English (United States) as my locale
> (location), Cyrillic/Russian as default System Locale, in Advanced I checked
> all the fonts that have anything to do with cyrillic, and Russian and
> English keyboard locales.  Any suggestions?  This is driving me crazy!
> Thanks in advance

Which program are you talking about here?  If it's a bash console window,
the X fonts will not affect it -- you have to select a Windows font in
Properties that has cyrillic characters in it.  If it's rxvt or xterm,
then indeed you'll have to use the X fonts (at least in the X mode of

Furthermore, are you talking about *displaying* cyrillic characters, or
*inputting* them?  If the former, try "cat"ting a file containing those
characters and if that doesn't work properly, look at the first paragraph
above.  If the latter, see <>.
P.S. For the "ls" problem, try the --show-control-chars parameter. ;-)
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