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Re: sshd as service without /usr/bin being in the system path.

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Steve Fairbairn wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a machine (Win2K SP3 on a domain) with both MKS Toolkit and now
> cygwin installed.  I require MKS Toolkit on the machine due to an issue with
> cygwin I've not been able to resolve (very specific to in house software and
> not the current topic).
> The problem I have is that I want to have cygwin sshd running but to
> continue using MKS Toolkit it's easiest to keep cygwin off the system PATH
> until I run the cygwin.bat script which updates PATH to include cygwin.
> Is there any way I can get cygwin sshd installed and working properly under
> these circumstances.  Every other time I have used sshd or read about it in
> the mailing lists, adding /usr/bin to the path has been one of the steps
> involved.
> I'm open to suggestions,
> Steve Fairbairn


You can specify the path in cygrunsrv's -e option...  However, note the
marked lines from "cygrunsrv --help":

  -e, --env <VAR=VALUE>     Optional environment strings which are added
                            to the environment when service is started.
                            You can add up to 255 environment strings using
                            the `--env' option.
--->                        Note: /bin is always added to $PATH to allow all
--->                        started applications to find at least cygwin1.dll.

so it looks like you don't even need to do that (/bin and /usr/bin are the
same under Cygwin).
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