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Re: HELP: with sshd/multi-user


At 07:36 2003-05-13, richard dje wrote:

Sorry for this bad effect. :-(

As you may have guessed i am using Yahoo!Mail and i can't find any
options so as to create a real attachment.

I don't understand. What mail client do you use with Yahoo!Mail? A web interface? If so, you must be a masochist. Surely you have regular Internet access and an ISP that provides a suitable (non-open relay) SMTP server, right?

Get Mozilla or Opera or if you can tolerate ads (which apparently you can) Eudora in Sponsored Mode or even Outlook Express and do mail at least somewhat right--on your local system. And there are other free mail clients, of course.

Oh, yeah... There's all that mail software available with Cygwin. Sorry--when it comes to mail, I want a GUI.

One way or another, please don't send large, in-line text, especially not cygcheck output. It creates false positives when searching the archives with almost any meaningful search term relating to Cygwin software components.

Randall Schulz


--- Randall R Schulz <> a écrit : > Richard,
> At 01:15 2003-05-13, richard dje wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >...
> >
> >'Avoid the use of exclamation marks or multiple question marks. They add
> >nothing to the report and provide the impression that you are too excited to
> >think calmly about the problem.' :-)
> Some of us oppose emoticons, too, but it's not a rule, recommendation
> or requirement.
> >Back to my problem, now. I have attached the output of 'cygcheck -svr'.
> >Hoping this will help people give me advices/pointers on where to search.
> It's good you're trying, but that's not what we call attaching. Perhaps
> your mailer has a "text attachments in-line" option (Eudora does,
> e.g.). If so, you must disable that option or the effect is in-line
> text anyway (and way too much of it).
> Randall Schulz

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