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Re: a2ps and printer


I'm getting the same message ("lpr: The printer name is invalid") for the
//server/printer syntax.  However, I've just verified that the
'\\\\server\\printer' syntax works for me (i.e., use backslashes, and
escape them *twice*).  Hope this helps,

Igor, I'd checked this syntax too. And the anther is :

$ file gettime.c
gettime.c: ASCII C program text
$ lpr -P \\\\mimosa\\glaieul gettime.c
lpr: StartDocPrinter error
lpr: Le type de donnée spécifié n'est pas valide.

$ unix2dos gettime.c
gettime.c: done.
$ file gettime.c
gettime.c: ASCII C program text, with CRLF line terminators
$ lpr -P \\\\mimosa\\glaieul gettime.c
lpr: StartDocPrinter error
lpr: Le type de donnée spécifié n'est pas valide.

While tracing the process with strace, I seen this :

  295  107178 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_disk_file::open: 1 = fhandler_disk_file::open (d:\civario\tmp\gettime.c, 0x0)
  293  107471 [main] lpr 1428 open: 3 = open (gettime.c, 0x0)
  231  107702 [main] lpr 1428 _cygwin_istext_for_stdio: _cygwin_istext_for_stdio (3)
  231  107933 [main] lpr 1428 _cygwin_istext_for_stdio:  _cifs: get_*_binary
 3195  111128 [main] lpr 1428 writev: writev (2, 0x22E420, 1)
  400  111528 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_console::write: 22E4B0, 5
  245  111773 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_console::write: at 108(l) state is 0
lpr:   347  112120 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_console::write: 5 = write_console (,..5)
  254  112374 [main] lpr 1428 writev: 5 = write (2, 0x22E420, 1), errno 0
  248  112622 [main] lpr 1428 writev: writev (2, 0x22E440, 1)
  236  112858 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_console::write: 22E4D0, 21
  225  113083 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_console::write: at 83(S) state is 0
StartDocPrinter error  310  113393 [main] lpr 1428 fhandler_console::write: 21 = write_console (,..21)

I think (but I may be wrong) that the text file is seen as a
binary one by lpr.

As shown by cygcheck, all the drives are mount in binmode.

C:\cygwin                          /                         system  binmode
C:\cygwin/bin                      /usr/bin                  system  binmode
C:\cygwin/lib                      /usr/lib                  system  binmode
C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts  system  binmode
.                                  /cygdrive                 system  binmode,cygdrive

Lpr lives in /usr/bin/lpr.exe and I don't know where it comes from.


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