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Re: redistributing cygwin1.dll

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 07:51:26PM -0400, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:
>I'm back.  Did you miss me?

Actually, I made a mental bet with myself that this message would
draw you out.  You're pretty predictable.

>Christopher Faylor <> writes:
>> It is quite amazing how predictable the response is when people are
>> asked to comply with the GPL.  There must be some kind of
>> instinctual racial memory that is being tickled by the GPL, causing
>> everyone to respond in the same knee-jerk sophmoric manner.
>(I think you mean "sophomoric".  Yeah, I know, pointing out spelling
>errors is sophomoric.)

>There is a simpler explanation than instinctual racial memory, which
>is that most people naturally consider strict enforcement of the GPL
>to be very silly in cases like this.

>The typical exchange is roughly:
>  Q: The Cygwin sources are already widely available.  Isn't it silly
>  for me to distribute them?

>  A: The GPL requires it.
>But that does not answer the question!  Just because the GPL requires
>something does not necessarily make it less silly.

again, I suppose, for the consistent use of the word "silly".

>Why do you want strict enforcement of the GPL in this case?  "Because
>it's the license" is not an answer.  The question is, why do YOU want
>to enforce it IN THIS CASE?
>I think this is a fair question, even for the maintainer.

I think it is a truly absurd question but, considering the source, it's
to be expected.  Why should enforcement of a license be inconsistent?

I already provided an indication of why I did this the last time you
started spouting, before your attention wandered.  I have no intention
of going into great detail again.  There is nothing specific about this
situation which requires me to explain my deepest motives.  I think I've
tried to be very consistent about insisting adherence to the rules.  The
rules are not hard to understand and complying with them is not hard.

The hard part is dealing with hypocritical individuals who condemn other
people for their style but resort to spelling corrections and other
boorish combative behavior in nearly every message they send.  I really
would rather do without that.  However, I will persevere, never fear.


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