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RE: docbook xml toolchain

Hello Patrick,

> Andreas,
> the rejects you attached state that the pdfxmltex format didn't make it
> to fmtutil.cnf. This is exactly the error you get trying to create pdf
> output from your xml source.
> Ok, patch files are pretty easy to read. Do
> man patch
> man diff
> to get info about them and the various formats. In short, a patch file
> contains one or more patches. Each patch contains the line number and
> length of the original version (-) and line number and length of the
> patched version (+). This info is given in the line starting with @@.
> The lines that follow are to be removed from the original (-) or added
> to the original (+). Lines without a -/+ identifier are sheer context
> information for readability purposes.
> With this information at hand, you should be able to identify the proper
> places in your version of fmtutil.cnf to patch by hand.

Hmmm, sounds good, I guess /bin/fmtutil needs to be patched, right? There
are other files related to fmtutil.cnf:

Let´s assume that I found the lines that needs a fix and put this in
DocbookCygwinFmtutil.diff, does a simple
patch -N -u /usr/share/texmf/web2c/fmtutil.cnf DocbookCygwinFmtutil.diff
would be sufficient or should I rerun your script (further dependencies in
the process of buliding the passivetex stuff?)?
Would a second, third,... run of your install script potentially break
things that were created at the first run?

> The .fo file you see is the intermediate format for pdf creation. It is
> created by the default stylesheet processor (xsltproc for me). pdfxmltex
>   takes this file as input for creating your pdf via tex.
> There are other free fo processors out there that don't use tex for pdf
> generation, eg fop. But all those free processors have limitations and
> shortcomings. A problem they all have in common is the processing of
> tables. And don't expect any fancy layout out of the box.

I just converted the fo file into pdf using fop and it is nicely formatted.


> HTH,
> Patrick

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