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Re: Portable Cygwin on a CD

I think for most intents and purposes it's probably a much better idea to 
stick with the original "choice exe's and dll's": most people won't need a 
"portable but complete" installation of Cygwin.

For *my* intents and purposes, just having an editor, a mailer, the base 
tools, and perhaps diff patch and gcc & binutils would be more than enough 
for a portable Cygwin.

The whole autorun setup is still a good idea, though (IMHO), mostly for 
demonstration purposes ("look what Cygwin can do on your machine!") and 
for quickly getting a temp Cygwin up & running in a safe fashion..

As for the "can't write" errors: if the writing is being done in /tmp, it 
may be an idea to mount /tmp on c:\temp or somesuch (%TEMP% or %TMP% 
should provide a full path to a tempdir, IIRC).



NB: If you don't plan to go any further on this at all, would you consider 
    sending me or the list the .bat file you currently use, and the 
    changes you had to make to the bash profile? Thanx!

On Mon, 12 May 2003 wrote:

> << ... the directory /bin contains choice exe's and dll's. >>
> I've gone one better than this, but don't much like the finished result.
> A Cygwin installation lacking only TeX and XFree takes about 500 MB. Even
> users with a "lot of stuff" under /home/ and /usr/local/ should find their
> whole resource fits on a CD. Since a CD can make sense of +R files (but
> not -R or, as far as I can tell, +S) I performed a "find / -type l" to
> identify the links, removed those in /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/ (being merely
> copies of those in /bin/ and /lib/) and changed all the rest, about 3,400 of
> them, to Windows *.lnk +R files. Then xcopy'd the lot to a CD. A few files
> in /home/ and /usr/local/ have been altered to address logfiles like
> .bash_history and the problem of the un-write-ability of the CD. Also a few
> files in /etc/ so that passwd and group are "known" after mounting the CD on
> a stranger's machine. Other minor amends.
> But, I don't know that it was worth it. There is a whole mass of extra
> useability, but I had already made a CD carrying most of what was wanted
> (see << >> above) - by me, anyway. It would have been great even if man had
> worked, but it doesn't, presumably through some requirement to write a file.
> I don't know how to instruct it appropriately to do otherwise.
> All in all, I found it not really worth the effort, and lack both the energy
> and the skill to delve to the depths necessary to make it a truly working
> entity. The much smaller "home-made" CD, bearing just a few useful tools, is
> quite adequate. But, I'm letting you know this in case anybody else is
> interested.
> Fergus
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