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Re: redistributing cygwin1.dll

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 03:59:28PM +0200, Jean Delvare wrote:
>I found your contact info on a mailing list while I was looking for
>where people could download the file "cygwin1.dll". From that message:
>it looks like you're the person to contact to solve my problem. If not,
>please redirect me to the right person.

The "right person" is the cygwin mailing list.  You somehow found the archives
without finding the numerous exhortations against private email.

I've cc'ed this message there.

>I've been writing some small utilities for friends of mine that only
>run Windows.  As an open source developper, I made them all available
>to the community through my webpage:
>The problem is that casual users of my tools, as well as the friends I
>wrote the programs for, won't download and install the complete Cygwin
>system. So, I made the cygwin1.dll file available from my website, so
>they can use my programs.
>From what I read on the mailing list, I am infringing the GPL doing so.

Yes, you are not compliant with the GPL.

>And by no means I intended to do so nor do I want to continue. Still
>from what I read of the list, you were supposed to propose a way to
>correct the problem, by letting the users download the dll alone,
>without the rest of the Cygwin system? Has it finally been done?
>In any case, please let me know what I'm supposed to do.

I haven't had the time to implement anything special.  Your simplest
solution is just to make sure that the sources for your applications are
downloadable and that the source code (e.g., cygwin-1.3.22-src.tar.bz2)
for the cygwin DLL you are providing is also available.  It really isn't
that hard.


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