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Re: pthread_signal() references illegal memory address

> cygrunsrv expects to be the one to talk to the service manager.  If your
> program also does, there's an obvious conflict of interest.  I was
> suggesting making a small command-line testcase, running it with
> cygrunsrv, and seeing if it exhibits the same kind of behavior your main
> program does.  If it doesn't, move code from your main application until
> the behavior is replicated (or until all of the main application except
> the service manager code is present).  If you still can't replicate the
> problem, it's probably in your service manager interface code, and you
> won't need it anyway with cygrunsrv (and you would have by that point a
> service that runs with cygrunsrv).  If the behavior is replicated, look
> into the code that was added last -- that's probably your culprit.  If you
> can replicate the behavior in a small example, send it to the list.

By the way, if it wasn't clear, the problem *is* with the pthread_kill()
statement. When it is in the program, the program dies. When I remove
it, the program works (I mean the real program running as a service).
That was the last thing that I added, so it isn't a question of the 
culprit being elsewhere.

Best regards,


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