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Re: how to read stackdump

On Sun, 11 May 2003, Charles D. Russell wrote:

> Some time back, someone asked in this mailing list how to read the stackdump
> and was told to man addr2line.  I can't seem to get addr2line to work,
> though.  Perhaps I don't understand the syntax, and man and info give no
> examples.  When you type in the "address", should it be the number under
> "Frame", the number under "Function", or what?  I have tried either and
> both, and nothing works (I always get ??:0)  I also tried
>   addr2line -e testprog.exe <testprog.stackdump
> which gives me a whole column of ??:0.  I'm compiling with g77 using -g.
> What am I doing wrong?


addr2line expects addresses of functions.  It also expects its input
executables to be compiled with debugging support enabled.

Try the following:

  awk '/^[0-9]/{print $2}' testprog.exe.stackdump | addr2line -f -e testprog.exe

If testprog.exe was compiled with the "-g" gcc flag, this should work and
give you the names of the functions *in testprog.exe*.  Functions that
came from DLLs will need a separate invocation of addr2line (I don't think
you can specify several -e targets in one command), and will require DLLs
with debugging information, AFAIK.
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