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Re: Please help! (was: Re: One system works, the other doesn't)

Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote in"> 

> On Sat, 10 May 2003 wrote:
>> I hadn't realized there were incompatible differences in the Cygwin
>> versions, but apparently so.
> It's usually a good idea to eliminate as many variables as possible
> when you're trying to get something to work.

Agreed.  It's a bit overwhelming, though, when you get a new machine with a 
new operating system, install the latest Cygwin, copy over the mail files, 
and suddenly things don't work.  There's a huge number of possible areas 
where differences could be introduced that cause different behavior.  
That's why I was hoping for some guidance from this list as to where to 
look.  Thank you to you and some others for offering that guidance!

> The default .bash_profile does that.  If you wish, remove your
> .bash_profile completely and reinstall the "base-files" package.

Good suggestion.  Thanks!

> This apparently would have been in the release notes in
> /usr/doc/Cygwin/perl-5.8.0-1.README.

Thanks.  See my earlier comment about being overwhelmed with possible 
discrepancies.  It took me a while to even isolate this as a Perl issue.

>> > 3) I have no idea about.  Since you have the same version of mutt
>> > on 
>> >    both machines, I'd guess it's a permission problem.
>> >    Are your mailboxes on a local drive, or a network one?  What's
>> >    the output of "ls -l" and "ls -ln" on all of your mailboxes on
>> >    both machines?  Are your /etc/passwd and /etc/group up to date
>> >    on both machines?  You have a capitalized "P" in the username on
>> >    your work machine, and the UID is >10000, which means you're a
>> >    domain user.  Did you ever wonder what group name "mkgroup_l_d"
>> >    means?  Looks like your Cygwin is on NTFS in both cases, though,
>> >    so that's not an issue. 
>> This one still has me stumped.  The mailbox folders are rwx------ on
>> both machines.  I also checked the .mh_sequences files in some of
>> these directories, since I think that's how mutt recognizes new mail.
>> Those are all rw------- on both machines.
>> I just got a new XP machine at home, and copied the entire mail
>> hierarchy from my old machine, so the protections, etc. should be the
>> same.  Yet I'm seeing this same problem on the XP machine.
> They are not.  The SID changed, therefore the UID most likely changed
> as well.  The files are likely owned by the old user id.  Hence the
> question about "ls -ln" - it would have printed the numeric UIDs (and
> GIDs).  For more info, read
> (<>). 

Oops.  I missed that in your post.  I did verify that the files were all 
owned by pdavis on both systems.  Checking with -ln, I found the files were 
owned by 1000/513 on my old system, and they're owned by 1005/513 on the 
new system.  (This is the new home XP system.  I don't have ready access to 
the work XP system, but it seems likely the problems are related.)

Anyhow, I'll have to read over this UG section more carefully.  Thanks!

>> I didn't try this.  I used Windows to copy the home directory, so
>> perhaps that had some effect on the files, though it's not apparent
>> in check protections, etc.
> Yes, it does.  tar should preserve symbolic links, and it should (to
> the best of its abilities) preserve permissions.

There shouldn't be any symlinks in the mail hierarchy, as far as I know.  
Also, I figured the Windows copy would actually correctly take care of file 
ownership by making the new copies owned by the current user.  As I said, 
though, I'll look into the details of the Cygwin ownership/security issues.

I somehow don't think this is the key issue, since mutt is able to 
otherwise open and manipulate the files as it needs to.  It correctly shows 
new messages when I open a mailbox.  It just doesn't seem to know which 
mailboxes contain new messages when I want to switch mailboxes.  Perhaps I 
need to read some mutt sources to find out what it's looking for.  Since 
these are MH folders, mutt is using the 'unseen' sequence in the 
.mh_sequences file to indicate new messages, and I thought that's what it 
used for the other purpose as well.

> I am, but I'm supposed to get out of there soon -- that is, if I
> manage to complete my thesis writeup in time instead of reading the
> cygwin list ;-). 

Well, I won't keep you.



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