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Re: cygwin.bat

"Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc.)" <> wrote in
in gmane.os.cygwin on Fri, 09 May 2003 23:59:55 -0400:

> >Could be my imagination, but even seems a
> > little slower.

> That *would* be your imagination.

Maybe not.

If you start up bash.exe directly by double-clicking it or by putting
bash.exe in a shortcut, then only one process is created.

If you use cygwin.bat, then under Windows NT/2k/XP you first have a
CMD.EXE process created and then a bash.exe. The CMD.EXE sits around
doing nothing until the bash.exe process exits.

It will therefore take longer to get from the initial double-click to
the cursor flashing at the bash prompt. On a slower PC this may be a
discernable extra delay.

The extra CME.EXE also uses system resources (virtual memory, kernel
objects, etc.) and will therefore slow all other processes down by a
very small amount, although I doubt whether this effect would be
noticeable unless the PC was already heavily over-committed.

Sam Edge

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