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Re: How to sync cygwin time with windows system time?

Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> On Sat, May 10, 2003 at 11:25:48AM +0200, wrote:

> Sic.  This has nothing to do with the clock...

Heh? Nobody said it was. All we know from the OP is that time in Cygwin does
not appear to be the same as that in Windows. Like you said, that can't in
reality be the case, time machines excepted, therefore it must be a case of
how the data is being interpreted. Cygwin, afaik, will base its
interpretation of the date and time data on the TZ variable, and the only
way I can see that the resulting time would not match Windows is that TZ is
incorrectly set (in which case the time in Cygwin would be different).

>> $ export TZ=WEDT
>> $ date
>> Sat May 10 09:58:02 GMT 2003
>> (so presumably WEDT is not a correct setting for TZ, though that's kind of
>> confusing given the first result in this sequence)
> Try export TZ="WEST-1WEDT-2,M3.5.0/2,M10.5.0/3"

Yeah. Prolly. I would prefer to read about the thing somewhere to understand
what it was though :) Ta anyway. Hmm. Wait, maybe I can work this out. First
the two offsets from GMT with labels, then when the clocks change?

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