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Re: Please help! (was: Re: One system works, the other doesn't)

On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 11:26:10PM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Peter,
> This still doesn't belong on cygwin-apps. ;-)

My apologies.  I posted via the news gateway at Gmane, and I
overlooked the fact that this was cross-posting.  I got a message back
that the post to Cygwin-apps was rejected anyway, since the gateway is

> Now for your real troubles.  Did you compare the two cygcheck outputs
> yourself at all?  In short, apart from answering "what's different on your
> two machines?", your two cygcheck outputs lead to asking "what's *not*
> different?".

Well, certainly I noticed differences, but I don't know which ones
have a bearing on the current problems.  The paths, etc. are different
because NT only permitted a 2Gb system partition, so the disk was
divided up into 4 separate partitions.  Version differences, etc.,
were the result of the ages of the systems.  The NT box is the oldest,
not surprisingly.

I hadn't realized there were incompatible differences in the Cygwin
versions, but apparently so.

> 1) probably arises from you having a later version of base_files on your
>    work machine.  You very likely had either .bash_profile linked to
>    .bashrc on your home machine, or had a custom .bash_profile that called
>    .bashrc.  Either that, or you don't pass a --login flag to bash at
>    home.

Ok.  I do have the --login flag set everywhere in cygwin.bat.  In any
case, this was the simplest to work around.  For now, I just copied
bashrc to .bash_profile, though I suppose a better long-term solution
would be to have .bash_profile check for the presence of .bashrc and
run it if found.

> 2) most likely is the same problem that other people were having with
>    PERLIO in perl 5.8.0 (your home machine has 5.6.1).  Try setting
>    PERLIO=perlio in the environment (see
>    <>).

Yes, this seems to have fixed the line-ending problem in Perl.  Thanks
*very* much for this.

> 3) I have no idea about.  Since you have the same version of mutt on
>    both machines, I'd guess it's a permission problem.
>    Are your mailboxes on a local drive, or a network one?  What's the
>    output of "ls -l" and "ls -ln" on all of your mailboxes on both
>    machines?  Are your /etc/passwd and /etc/group up to date on both
>    machines?  You have a capitalized "P" in the username on your work
>    machine, and the UID is >10000, which means you're a domain user.  Did
>    you ever wonder what group name "mkgroup_l_d" means?  Looks like your
>    Cygwin is on NTFS in both cases, though, so that's not an issue.

This one still has me stumped.  The mailbox folders are rwx------ on
both machines.  I also checked the .mh_sequences files in some of
these directories, since I think that's how mutt recognizes new mail.
Those are all rw------- on both machines.

I just got a new XP machine at home, and copied the entire mail
hierarchy from my old machine, so the protections, etc. should be the
same.  Yet I'm seeing this same problem on the XP machine.

> By looking into the above you're likely to fix most of your problems.
> If this doesn't work, your suggested course of action is the following:
> - Back up your home directory on your work machine (mv /home /home-old).
> - Transfer over your home directory from home (tar -cjf
>   /cygdrive/c/my_home.tar.bz2 /home) to your work machine (tar -xjf
>   /cygdrive/c/my_home.tar.bz2).

I didn't try this.  I used Windows to copy the home directory, so
perhaps that had some effect on the files, though it's not apparent in
check protections, etc.

> - Also transfer the local setup cache (f:\cygwin\downloads) to your work
>   machine (you can simply copy it to c:\cygwin\packages there).
> - Run setup.exe, select "Install from Local Directory", then choose all
>   the needed packages.  This will downgrade most of the packages on your
>   work machine, and bring it in sync with your home machine.
> - Try out your programs, make sure they work.
> - Then (and only then) upgrade packages one by one from the net to see
>   which one breaks things; if it does, downgrade it or ask how to fix
>   things on this list - it'll be easier to help with one package
>   misbehaving all other things being equal.
> This way you first get an installation on your work machine working the
> way you want it, and then you can make it the latest and greatest.

Thanks!  That sounds like a workable method, though painstaking.  I'm
going to continue to see if I can find some difference that might be
causing this behavior.  If I can't find anything, I'll try to
"downgrade" method.

Thanks *very* much for you help.


P.S. - Are you currently at NYU, Igor?  I got my MSCS there in the
80's.  Cheers!

                             Peter Davis
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