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Re: cygwin.bat

derek wrote:
Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Fri, 9 May 2003, derek wrote:

Anyone actually find that thing useful?

Sure. I do. Use it all the time on Win2k.

I removed it because I was tired of CTRL-C getting intercepted when I
closed a window.

WAG: read up on the "tty" setting in the CYGWIN environment variable (<>). Igor

I've looked into that in the past. As far as I can remember, all that can be done is disabling ctrl-c entirely - not that the link was much help.

That may have been your experience but it doesn't represent the intent
and capabililty of the 'tty' setting for the CYGWIN environment variable.
See <> for more
definitive information on it's capabilities and usage.

Since pretty much everything can be set outside of cygwin.bat, it just
seems like an annoyance.

Ah good. So it's working as planned! ;-)

Seriously, you're not *required* to use it.

Could be my imagination, but even seems a
little slower.

That *would* be your imagination.

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