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Re: Wanted X, got Perl - operator error or prequisiste

On Fri, 09 May 2003 09:11:22 -0400, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
>>When I selected the XFree stuff, I started setup.exe and it was in
>>category mode. The only category I picked/expanded was XFree. So,
>>at least in
>>this session, I did not select any other packages except for what
>>was under XFree. If I had selected them in any other session, I
>>would have had
>>Perl downloaded in that session. Selections that are not installed
>>are not stored between invocations ( I just proved that).
>>So there is either a bug in the program or a bug in my head. If I
>>had to make a bet, I'd bet on the bug being in my head, in spite of
>>my protests to
>>the contrary above. :-)
>I just did a test of selecting only the XFree86 category in
>perl still was not selected.  You must have just accidentally bumped

I've come to the same conclusion. Ah, 'user' can definitely be a four-letter-word sometimes. :_0

Matthew O. Persico

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