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Re: Bash scripting broken under Cygwin?


Replies inline below.

On Fri, 9 May 2003 wrote:

> $ cat temp.txt | while read f;do grep -A2 '$Log' $f | grep -q derek;if [ $? -eq "0" ];then echo $f;fi;done
> This oneliner, for example, reads a list of files, does a grep for
> something I'm interested in, and echos the file if found.

I'm assuming this illustrates a problem with some other script of yours,
and that you aren't interested in alternate ways of doing the above.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

> Under Cygwin, I have verified invalid responses.

Invalid responses being?..  The following trivial modification of the
above works for me:

cat temp.txt | while read f;do grep -B4 'shutdown' $f | grep -q install;if [ $? -eq "0" ];then echo $f;fi;done

> It seems to be because $? is the exit status of the last command, but
> according to the process list, Cygwin seems to run the greps in
> background, at once.  I've never been able to get this to happen on
> other unixes I've tried similar loops on.

When you create a pipe chain in bash, all the commands in the chain do run
simultaneously, each in its own subshell, reading from the input pipe and
writing to the output one.

The exit status of each command in a pipe can be accessed (in bash)
through the PIPESTATUS array variable.  The exit status of a pipe should
be the status of the last command (so the above script should work).

> Is this supposed to be a performance inhancement?  It really messes up
> simple scripts.

I'm not sure what you mean -- *all* the commands in a pipe are supposed to
run in parallel...  at least on Unix.  They didn't use to in DOS - the
output of the first command was written to a temporary file, and it was
then read by the second command.

> Cygwin was installed on this computer back at:
> 2002/11/06 11:50:52 Starting cygwin install, version

FYI, the above is the version of "setup.exe" that you used to install
Cygwin, not the version of Cygwin itself.

> Can include the full log if people want more version numbers.
> Thanks,
> Derek

The regular way to do this is to run "cygcheck -svr" and attach the output
(see <>.  This will include your full
environment, your mount points, your ntsec settings, etc.  If you want to
list the package version numbers only, use "cygcheck -c" instead.
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