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Re: fonts

My apologies, everyone.  That should have gone to the cygwin-xfree

David Rothenberger wrote:
> Myriam Abramson wrote:
> >
> > How do you set the fonts for rxvts in Cygwin/XFree86?
> There are many ways to do it, all of which are mentioned in the man page
> for rxvt.  I'll mention two.  You can specify the font on the rxvt
> command-line with the -fn switch, e.g.
>   % rxvt -fn fixed
> Alternatively, you can specify it in your $HOME/.Xdefaults file:
>   XTerm*font: fixed
> Beware of the latter if you sometimes use rxvt without X, since the same
> font name looks different when rxvt is displayed through an X server and
> when it is displayed through Windows.  The default "7x14" is larger
> under X; it seems that "fixed" under X yields approx. the same font as
> "7x14" under Windows.
> Does anyone else notice the difference in font sizes between rxvt under
> X and rxvt under Windows?  Are there any solutions?  It would be nice to
> set an X resource for rxvt so that the font looked reasonable under
> Windows and X.

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