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Re: setup.exe bandwidth waste

On Fri, 9 May 2003 wrote:

> Since I'm on the mailing list now, might as well ask something that has
> bugged me for some time.
> Far too often, a connection fails at 99% of a huge download (say tetex
> doc).
> When something like this happens under gentoo, it does a continuation.
> Why doesn't setup.exe check the MD5, if fails, try a continuation, then
> MD5 after that as well?
> I feel guilty wasting 10-15MB of bandwidth just to redownload something.


Nobody felt the need to.  <>

> Also, on a related note, I was curious if Cygwin does incremental
> updates, or if it just keeps one massive binary per version.

The current packaging model is one massive binary per version -- it eases
the task of maintaining packages (which, by the way, is done by
volunteers).  If you'd like to push for a change, you're welcome to (it's
an open source project), but that's a very big undertaking (involving,
among other things, changes to setup.exe).  Interestingly enough, there
was a proposal at some point to do exactly the opposite - maintain one
huge binary for the whole of Cygwin instead of separate package files.
Reading that thread might be useful.
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