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Re: GCC for Windows help

Hi Garfield,

Depends on the context.  Rebaseall will rebase all the DLLs installed
by setup.exe.  You could certainly add to that list to encompass other
DLLs too.  But perhaps that's side-stepping the issue.  However, as a
practical stop-gap measure, it should work.


Garfield Lewis wrote:
Hi Larry,

Rebase will not help because the relocations are gone so irregardless of
what the base address is if I cannot get that address the load will fail
instead of just loading somewhere else and fixing up the addresses.



Garfield Lewis wrote:


On 8 May 2003 at 14:39, "Garfield Lewis" <> wrote:

Yes, been there done that... The problem is not building the dll it's
running it. Since their linker strips the relocations out of the dll then
if the dll is loaded by any proces that happens to not have the preferred
address free then the dll will not load because cannot fixup the address
within the dll. It is a stupid default for Windows but seems to be the


here. The --emit-relocs option seems to be what I need, however, so far


my info indicates that this only works for ELF binaries. Using the
---enable-auto-image-base is a workaround for now because it chooses an
address other than 0x10000000 as the preferred load address but it to


fail if the above happens, however less likely.

Sounds like something that the rebase package could help you with...


Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746

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