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Re: libtool: make install DESTDIR + dependent shared libraries =relink problem

In regard to: Re: libtool: make install DESTDIR + dependent shared...:

>On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 02:45:55AM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> When using 'make install DESTDIR' to build an installable package
>> (cygwin tarballs, linux rpm's, etc), dependent libraries get relinked
>> against 'old' versions in <prefix> and not against the 'new' version in
>> <destdir>/<prefix>.  See attached testcase, and problem description below.
>What version of libtool are you using?
>DESTDIR installs with interdependent libraries has been a problem
>for years with libtool 1.4 and patches have been floating about.
>I was under the impression that it had been fixed for libtool 1.5.
>Is that not true?

The obvious part of the problem was fixed in 1.4.3 and 1.5.  That's not
what Charles (and several others over the past couple months, myself
included) is reporting.

The patches that were incorporated into libtool make it such that libtool
can finally find libraries installed under DESTDIR *iff* the
libraries aren't found in some other location first.  Basically, the
DESTDIR location is searched last, so if you have older versions of the
libraries already installed on your system, libtool will mistakenly
(re)link your libraries against those older versions.

I would imagine that most people that are using DESTDIR installs don't
even realize what's going on.

Tim Mooney                    
Information Technology Services         (701) 231-1076 (Voice)
Room 242-J6, IACC Building              (701) 231-8541 (Fax)
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105-5164

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