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Shell Question Re: Cygwin Product


I have been using the Cygwin product for a couple of months on my Win2000 box. I am having trouble understanding a few issues (or possible) limitations.

My box has a single C:/ drive. So whenever I use the cygwin shell window, I have to type paths such as:
rm -r /cygdrive/c/tmptrash

I have found myself using cygwin for some things and the cmd window for other things. Today I was compiling some java classes in which I always use the cygwin shell. (bash).
javac com/skp/package/

But I cannot run the class after I compile it.
When I do the above, it never shows me any of the system out commands.

Also, when I am dealing with classpaths I am having issues:

spurcell@DSGSTL-PC-1523 /

spurcell@DSGSTL-PC-1523 /
It shows me the classpaths but with "PC" type backslashes. And when I try to add a new path, it never shows up in my update of classpath

(shows the above without the new somejar.jar)

Anyway, I believe I am not using cygwin like it should be. Could anyone take a few minutes out of their day to assist me?


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