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Re: Problems installing Perl packages in Cygwin AND Problems with Activestate perl in Cygwin

At 03:10 PM 5/7/2003 -0500, Charles Plager wrote:
I am running a (fairly) current cygwin install (Installed last month).

I am trying to either:
1) install LWP and Tk (or any other Perl packages) on Cygwins perl
2) Get activestate Perl (where I have said packages installed already) to understand how to parce cygwin path names.


1)  I'm trying to install packages by:
unix> perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install LWP

I have a working LWP install on Cygwin. I did it by using cpan to download and untar the packages ("get"), then going into the ~/.cpan/build/foo directories and building "manually". Usually this is just a matter of "perl; make; make test; make install".

You will have to read the modules' READMEs to make sure you have all required dependencies installed. As I recall, LWP needs quite a few other modules which aren't core Perl. They're all easily cpan-gettable, though.

One other gotcha: LWP will try to install /usr/bin/HEAD, which will conflict with /usr/bin/head.exe in our flexibly-cased and .exe-semitransparent wonderland. Just rename head.exe to head.exe.bak before the install, or let the HEAD installation fail (it's syntactic sugar for the command line, not needed for Perl code).

Tk I can't help you with.

2) The problem is when I've got an Activestate Perl script in /home/cplager/scripts. For example
unix> cd /home/cplager/scripts
unix> ./script
Can't open perl script "/home/cplager/scripts/script": No such file or directory

You can't teach non-Cygwin Windows apps about Cygwin paths (although you can, as already mentioned, wrap them).


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