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Re: Command line equivalent of setup.exe ?

On Wed, 7 May 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:

> Has anyone created a command line equivalent to
> setup.exe ?  There are times when I would like to
> perform updates remotely just using ssh.  Is this
> practical?  One issue is replacing cygwin dll
> while it is in use as I recall.
> I know that I could simply copy and extract the
> bz2 files but I would like to have the
> installed.db file maintained and some dependency
> checking that setup.exe does.  Sounds like rpm...
> Thanks - Jim


This issue has been raised (and discussed) before.
Looking at the code, it seems that setup has an unattended mode (though
what exactly that is I'm not sure, and you may still need to allow sshd to
interact with the desktop, as it'll pop up a window).  There are also some
command line flags -- check the archives of the cygwin-apps mailing list.
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