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Re: rsync over ssh performance problem in cygwin

This sounds a lot like this topic described here:

My recollection is that rsync 2.5.6 didn't get the
cygwin patches for buffering applied, sigh.
Look here:
for the code base and here:
for the buffering patches.

Since this file:
still appears unpatched, this suggests that the
performance patches for cygwin still have not been
applied to the code base.

If you want to try out the version that I use with
the buffering patches, you can get it here:

I'll leave it there for a month or so.

Good luck - Jim

Dmitry Melekhov wrote:


We have strange problem with rsync performance.

We do files syncronization from w2k (cygwin, rsync 2.5.6) over ssh to Linux (rsync 2.5.5).

We have several 10Mb files.
First time, when directory on Linux is empty, all looks OK- syncronization takes about 10 minites.
But when we try to do this second time, i.e. with files on Linux and windows, synconization takes more than 10
minites for _file_ !
And, ssh process on windows eats about 90% of cpu
Any ideas?

btw, certanly, linux-linux works ok in the same situation.

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