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Re: Fixed Size Setup App = Stupid

Randall R Schulz wrote:

And if you look back over the history of repeated posts on exactly this request / suggestion, it is far from a matter of res-hacking or simply enabling resizability or the maximize box. Overall size changes must be propagated to all the individual UI elements, including the control placements and the column widths in the table display.

Perhaps you're spoiled by Java's layout managers that handle this for many common cases. As I understand it, the Win32 GUI API and toolkits don't have a counterpart and GUI writers have to handle all the size / layout change propagation and it can get pretty tedious.

I took the advice of whoever it was and used ResHack. It took me about an hour (I had to figure out what upx was first). The results are not perfect, no, but now I have a nice large selection dialog until such time as the official version is ready. -- Joe Buehler

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