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Re: One system works, the other doesn't

Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote in"> 

> On Thu, 1 May 2003, Peter Davis wrote:
>> Forgive me if this is a repost.  I tried to send this to the Cygwin
>> list the other day, but I never saw it appear.
>> I have two systems running Cygwin: an NT4 (home) machine and a XP
>> (work) machine.  I've tried to make them as similar as possible, but
>> there are apparently some differences that elude me.  Specifically:
>> 1) At home (NT4), .bashrc is automatically run when I fire up a bash
>>    shell.  At work, it doesn't, though I can manually run it with
>>    source ~/.bashrc
>> 2) At home (NT4), the simple perl script I use to filter mutt
>> messages 
>>    before displaying them works beautifully.  At work (XP), the
>>    messages all display with ^M at the end of every line.  (This is
>>    recent ... since I just re-installed Cygwin on this machine.  It
>>    *used* to work.)
>> 3) At home, mutt has no trouble telling me which MH mailboxes contain
>>    new mail.  At work, however, this function of mutt doesn't work.
>>    Once I open the mailbox, the new messages are correctly marked
>>    with 'N', but when I attempt to change mailboxes, mutt doesn't
>>    prompt me as it should.
>> I've compared the output from 'cygcheck -s -v' on the two machines,
>> but I didn't see anything obvious.  (The work machine has more
>> packages installed.)  Can anyone suggest what might be responsible
>> for these quirks?
>> Currently, the NT4 (home) machine is working *better* than the XP
>> (work) one.  Since I'll be upgrading the home machine to a new box
>> running XP shortly, I'd like to find out what's going on.
>> Thanks very much!
>> -pd
> Peter,
> FYI, this doesn't belong on cygwin-apps...
> Can *we* see the output of cygcheck on both machines?  And make that
> "cygcheck -svr" (note the "-r" flag).  Please attach it as an
> uncompressed text attachment, after making sure your mailer doesn't
> provide text attachments inline.

I have earlier provided the output of `cygcheck -svr` on both machines, 
but I haven't heard from you.

> My guess about the .bashrc problem is that the machine that runs it
> doesn't give a "--login" flag to bash in cygwin.bat.  Alternatively,
> the default .bash_profile tests for the existence of .bashrc, and if
> you have weird permissions, 'test' might return the wrong result. 
> Compare the .bash_profile's on both machines (and /etc/profile).

I'll explore this.  It's not the most pressing issue, but it was another 
symptom of the difference between the two configurations.

> The WAG for the "^M"s is that you've accidentally changed the mount
> type from text to binary on your work machine when you reinstalled. 
> The "cygcheck -svr" output should show whether this is the case.

It appears to my untrained eye that both machines have all partitions 
mounted binmode.  I assumed this would be the correct mode if all my mail 
messages use \n as a line separator.  However, there seems to be some 
disparity between mutt and Perl about what the line separator is/should 
be, and I think that's where the problem lies.  The filter I wrote is a 
simple Perl script that takes every line of stdin and write it to stdout 
unless it's a Yahoo! advertisement.  This works on the home machine, but 
on the work machine gives me extra ^Ms.

Thank you.


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