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Re: bug w/ 'tar' implementation


At 10:33 2003-05-07, Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 10:27:57AM -0700, Randall R Schulz wrote:
> ...
>Most Cygwin apps don't tolerate Windows path names (exceptions exist).
>Use the provided "cygpath" command to translate between the various
>path name syntaxes of Cygwin (POSIX) and Windows.

True, but this isn't even that issue, however.  "man tar" is informative
on how tar treats the files with colons which are arguments to -f or

Man tar? I have all of Cygwin installed, but there's no man page for "tar."

But then, "tar --help" produces 132 lines of help text. The only thing it says about arguments that contain colons is this:

--force-local archive file is local even if has a colon

Is my installation damaged in missing the man page for tar?

I did, with much stumbling, find the answer in the info entry for tar. Since I wish to spare people the agony of using info (please, no remarks about this--it's just my opinion: "I don't need another stinkin' hyperlinked information viewer!"), here it is:

If the archive file name includes a colon (`:'), then it is assumed to be a file on another machine. If the archive file is `USER@HOST:FILE', then FILE is used on the host HOST. The remote host is accessed using the `rsh' program, with a username of USER. If the username is omitted (along with the `@' sign), then your user name will be used. (This is the normal `rsh' behavior.) It is necessary for the remote machine, in addition to permitting your `rsh' access, to have the `/usr/ucb/rmt' program installed. If you need to use a file whose name includes a colon, then the remote tape drive behavior can be inhibited by using the `--force-local' option.


Randall Schulz

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