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Re: bug w/ 'tar' implementation


You know how that goes:

Patient: Doctor, doctor! It hurts when I go like this. [shows doctor when it hurts]
Doctor: Don't do that.

Most Cygwin apps don't tolerate Windows path names (exceptions exist). Use the provided "cygpath" command to translate between the various path name syntaxes of Cygwin (POSIX) and Windows.

Randall Schulz

At 10:02 2003-05-07, Todd Gee wrote:

Hello ->

I'm encountering a bug w/ the current 'tar' command implementation in
it's parsing of Win-style paths (like other CYGWIN commands to).

Recreating this error is easy:

(assuming CYGWIN is installed in D:/cygwin and username is 'user' )

prompt> tar cf D:/cygwin/home/user/foo.tar *
tar: D\:/cygwin/home/user/foo.tar: Cannot open: I/O error
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

If anyone has any insight to this, please CC me on mail -- I'm not on
the 'cygwin' list.  I'm not a C programmer and probably wouldn't be
of much help in fixing this....


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