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Re: Home page link to "mailing list archives"

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 10:43:01PM -0400, Jim McDonald wrote:
>At thebottom of your home page at, you have a
>link called
>"mailing list archives" which doesn't point to the mailing list archives
>(  Instead, it points to the mailing lists
>page (  Redundant, too, because the next
>has the link "appropriate mailing list" which also points to the mailing
>description page.  Could you change the former link to point to the
>archives page?

There is no one "archives page" for all of the mailing lists so this is

And, the redundancy is there for a reason.  We have a rationale for the
redundancy.  Sometimes it is necessary to repeat things to help people
see things.  This is because sometimes saying things in a different way
helps get the point across.  If you present the information in multiple
ways it tends to catch people who see things differently.


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