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Re: Include cygipc in the distribution (was Re: cygipc (and PostgreSQL)XP problem resolved!)

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Since we no longer seem to have a cygwin-daemon maintainer, I'm wondering
if it is time to start including cygipc in the main distribution.  It
seems like the lack of this functionality is a real handicap to people.

FWIW, I'm willing to take over maintainership if that is a barrier.

If folks think that it would not be counterproductive to include cygipc in the cygwin distro, then I've no objection.

But there's no need at this time for you to take over maintaining the package, Chris -- I'll do it. Besides, it'd be nice to keep you clear of the taint, just in case somebody (Elfyn?) suddenly starts submitting cygdaemon patches again.

There's one big question tho. cygwin-daemon *really* wants a 64 bit key_t (e.g. long long). Currently key_t is a typedef long (e.g. 32bits). Eventually, if cygdaemon is EVER going to have a chance, cygipc needs to adapt to the 64bit regime.

It would probably be a good idea to make this (backwards incompatible) change simultaneous with the introduction of cygipc into the main distro -- but that requires coordination with a new cygwin1.dll release and newlib. Plus buy-in from the current users of cygipc (which is the Xshm-enabled Xserver that Ralf used to distribute with his kde port, and postgres, AFAIK)

I already have patches ready to adapt cygipc to the 64bit key_t, and to allow both cygipc and cygipc(64bit) daemons and libraries to coexist on the same system. So that's ready to go.

Comments? Corrections? (it's been awhile; I may be forgetting stuff concerning the 64bit key_t switchover...)


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