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File modification times

Running ScanDisk this evening generated errors for a whole bunch of files as

This file or folder's last-modified date or time is invalid or is in the
future. This may be because your computer's clock is set incorrectly.
ScanDisk repairs future dates by changing them to your computer's current
date setting. ScanDisk repairs out-of-range dates or times by changing them
to the nearest setting within the valid range.

Nothing new, to be honest, it almost always happens. Previously I had put it
down to Microsoft's OS's normal behaviour (i.e. shit). Something made me
have a look today though, and Explorer revealed this oddity on each of the
files involved (exact dates and times vary):

Created: 02 May 2003 14:33:56
Modified: 30 March 2003 17:06:00

i.e. it thinks that the file was modified before it was created. Huh? I
can't say for all of them, but at least some were files which were upgraded
from previous versions of Cygwin packages on that date. Is Setup or bzip2 or
something not doing something optimal here?

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