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A problem with mmap on Win98

Hi all,

I am using the current version of cygwin (1.3.22). When I build gcc to cross-compile for the TI MSP430 MCUs the result works OK on 2000 and XP machines. On some Win98 and Me machines it works, but on others it crashes with a segmentation violation. I traced this to a problem with anonymous mmap. If I keep calling mmap on the problem machines it keeps returning the same memory pointer twice. If I patch GCC to check for a repeat of the same memory pointer, and allocate again until it gets a different pointer, my GCC build seems to run OK on these problem machines.

The results are not random. They follow a pattern. If I allocate 65536 byte blocks, I consistently get the same pointer twice, before I get a pointer 65536 bytes greater. If I allocate 16384 byte blocks, I get four pointers incrementing by 0x4000 each. Then I get a repeat of the fourth pointer. Then I get four more properly incrementing pointers.

I tried downloading the source code for cygwin, to build it, and do a little debugging of my own. However, the make files build most of the code, and then fail saying there is no rule to make /usr/lib/w32api/Makefile needed by /lib/. The make dependancies are a little intertwined, and I gave up trying to find the cause of this problem.

Can anyone help?


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